Hello! I am a PhD student at JHU CLSP, and my advisor is Mark Dredze.

Since I am still exploring, my interests are nascent. In general, I am interested in natural language processing. Currently, I am inquisitive in developing novel techniques to facilitate efficient, explainable, robust NLP. I also want to keep fairness and biases in mind when conducting my research.

Before that, I was a AI resident at FAIR Labs, working with Adina Williams and Dieuwke Hupkes. I obtained my Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees of computer science (B.S., M.S.) and mathematics (B.A.) at UW, too. My advisor was Noah A. Smith, and I was supervised by Ana Marasović. During my undergraduate years, I also worked with Christopher Hoffman on dual random-walk systems. Thanks a lot to the support of my advisors and my donors, I was able to conduct research and keep learning.

I have a limited amount of experiences investigating things in life, but if you are having questions and you think I can help, feel free to email me.


[July 2023] Our work A Replication Study of Compositional Generalization Works on Semantic Parsing was recognized as an Outstanding Paper 🏆 in the ML Reproducibility challenge.

[December 2022] New preprints 📄 available: Tokenization Consistency Matters for Generative Models on Extractive NLP Tasks (done as intern at AWS AI), State-of-the-art generalisation research in NLP: a taxonomy and review

Older News [August 2022] I moved to New York City, and will spend a year here for my residency at Meta AI, working with Adina Williams and Dieuwke Hupkes.
[June 2022] I moved to Santa Clara for my internship at AWS AI, working with Peng Qi and Yuhao Zhang.
[December 2021] I began as a teaching assistant in Natural Language Processing at UW for winter and spring quarter.
[September 2021] I began as a teaching assistant in Machine Learning at UW for fall quarter.
[July 2021] I began my software engineering internship in AuthService team at Amazon.
[May 2021] Our paper Effective Attention Sheds Light On Interpretability was accepted into Findings of ACL2021. Big thanks to Ana! 🌻
[March 2021] I finished my Bachelor's degrees 🤓 - B.S. in CS and B.A. in math, as well as a minor in classical studies; I began as a teaching assistant in Enterprise Chatbots at UW for spring quarter.
[November 2020] Joined Noonum as a data scientist intern.
[July 2020] I began my software engineering internship in AuthEngine team at Amazon.
[September 2019] Began a project on dual random-walk systems with Professor Christopher Hoffman at Washington Experimental Mathematics Lab.
[July 2019] Began my internship at National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) mentored by Dr. Jason Cope.

Cat Warning

I have two very cute cats: Bert (white collar with white paws) and Roberta (grey and looks like a little leopard). While you are browsing my website, I hope pictures of Bert and Roberta can make you feel happy and relaxed for a second.

bertRoberta1 bertRoberta